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Media Representation Analysis Business Perceptions

Question: Portray about the Media Representation Analysis for Business Perceptions. Answer: Presentation Understanding media depictions is a significant factor on the planet since it has an impact over impression of the world. How the media depicts components in the physical world is vital on the grounds that it influences the manner in which individuals will see these things in reality. For example, the media depiction of ladies on the planet demonstrates that there is a requirement for move to be made. That is on the grounds that ladies are depicted from a sexual perspective that undermines the structure holding the system together. Media depictions of religion are likewise significant in light of the fact that they influence the delicate harmony among religions of the world (Vicsek, 2014). An ongoing news story, Losers bound to lash out at ladies in online shooters, is a portrayal of an academic article wrote by Michael Kasumovic and Jeffery Kuznekoff (2015). The media portrayal of the insightful article is precise dependent on the accompanying reasons. Following the surrounding hypothesis, this media portrayal takes after the social system which properties the causation of occasions to social powers (Webster Phalen, 1997). The article examines a social issue which straightforwardly impacts the social part of people. Man is a social animal which implies that the connections that they structure with one another are significant. The connection between a man and a lady is one of these connections that issue to any individual since it accompanies the guarantee of a family. In light of the angle that this media depiction uncovers being a social viewpoint, it demonstrates that the insightful article depends on the social system. Social systems break down occasions as events that are socially determined. For this situation, the motivation behind why a few men will badger their ladies is that they are failures. That is, these men have their issues which make their relations harsh. A surrounding strategy utilized in this media portrayal of this article is the convention method which includes recognizable proof of social mores which bear hugeness in the ordinary society (Patyl Ennis, 2016). As the news story begins, it declares that it talks about an issue that will amaze nobody. That is a customary structure since it specifies an issue that has been a piece of the way of life all around the globe. Men who badger ladies can be found in each culture and is a noteworthy issue in this time in light of woman's rights. Hence, this media portrayal attempts to clarify an issue of social hugeness. It is likewise a standard for men to annoy ladies over the web. In this manner, this news story attempts to demonstrate this statement by utilizing the declarations of the article. Socially, men feel more significant than the ladies which gave the men control over their ladies (Liebes et al., 1998). As circumstances are different, ladies have attempted to remove these qualitie s and customs through women's liberation. The basic piece of the news story can be viewed as language inferable from its snappy nature. The substance of a catchphrase is to draw in the consideration of the crowd by causing the prologue to relate capable and progressively vital (Holt Perren, 2009). As it begins, the writer of the article guarantees that what the article talks about is something that nobody can debate. That makes the crowd start to think about what that could be evoking them to peruse further. The way that the motto is relate-capable implies that individuals who have encountered something like this before will comprehend the conversation rather quick building up their enthusiasm for the article (Touri, 2009). Along these lines, that is a surrounding procedure that the creator used to develop the enthusiasm of the crowd. By presenting a social perspective that knows about a great many people, picking up the enthusiasm of the crowd gets simpler. Domineering thoughts are likewise present in the news story which has been utilized as a structure method. These are thoughts that identify with the Marxist way of thinking. Here, a social authority means a circumstance wherein the decision class rules over a general public that is socially differing permitting them to control that societys culture (Menga, 2016). In this culture type, the forced worth and conviction framework become the acknowledged standard. In the earlier century, the male sex was the prevailing class. The qualities and convictions that the men forced on them turned into the standard. In the article, authoritative thoughts are introducing themselves where the past domineering society is repeating. Here, the men that are washouts are badgering the ladies. That is a system strategy that the writer of this article has utilized in going over his message. The domineering thoughts permit the crowd to comprehend the message further. The utilization of antiques is additionally a structure method that the writer utilized in introducing the news story. The curio here is the web which has significantly affected the universes culture on the loose. The web has took into consideration societies to share their qualities in a manner that is a lot quicker and productive. Along these lines, it is one reason behind the world being decreased to a worldwide town. Associating pretty much all aspects of the world has guaranteed that qualities and convictions can be traded causing the world to have societies with pretty much similar convictions (Villanueva et al., 2016). Along these lines, it is a visual portrayal of a significant factor that influences the way of life of the world. The news story's creator to show the manner in which men are as yet ready to bug ladies on the web. That is a significant territory of conversation due to the way that the web has took into consideration the arrangement of online networks. In this ma nner, with men hassling ladies over the web, it implies that the estimations of these networks are being upset. End The portrayal of the examination article by Michael Kasumovic and Jeffery precise after the way that the writer utilizes graphical portrayals in the news story that reflect the attestations in the article. The weakness of the news media portrayal is in the way that it just relies upon one part of the examination which is the way that men hassle ladies on the web. It is an inadequacy since it can without much of a stretch misdirect if the data transferred is subject to some outside factors. Be that as it may, from the other stance which comes as the viability of introduction, the article is exact. References Holt,J., Perren,A. (2009). Media enterprises: History, hypothesis, and strategy. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell. Liebes,T., Curran,J., Katz,E. (1998). Media, custom, and character. London: Routledge. Menga, F. (2016). Reconceptualizing authority: the hover of hydro-authority. Water Policy, 18(2), 401-418. doi:10.2166/wp.2015.063 PATIL, T., ENNIS, G. M. (2016). Quietness as a Discourse in the Public Sphere: Media Representations of Australians Joining the Fight in Syria. Social Alternatives, 35(1), 40-46. Touri, M. (2009). News web journals: fortifying vote based system through clash counteraction. Aslib Proceedings, 61(2), 170-184. Vicsek, L. (2014). GM Crops in Hungary: Comparing Mass Media Framing and Public Understanding of Technoscientific Controversy. Science As Culture, 23(3), 344-368. doi:10.1080/09505431.2014.884062 Villanueva, D., Gonzlez-Carrasco, I., Lpez-Cuadrado, J., Lado, N. (2016). SMORE: Towards a semantic displaying for information portrayal via web-based networking media. Study Of Computer Programming, 12116-33. doi:10.1016/j.scico.2015.06.008 Webster,J.G., Phalen,P.F. (1997). The mass crowd: Rediscovering the predominant model. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

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Create Primary Care Clinic Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Make Primary Care Clinic - Research Paper Example Our major clinical controls are 9 unique strengths. Referral to pro specialists in regards to every significant field are done successfully contingent upon state of patients. The statement of purpose I need to have for our facilities is; â€Å"Quality Health care for all, reasonable and Satisfaction Guaranteed†. Why I have picked this announcement as a strategic our centers? Well answer is straightforward we give exceptional nature of care to our patients at facility. Additionally our agreement administrations including 24-hour care at entryway step and meeting with master experts and specialists is extremely modest and is fulfilling off base for our clients and patients. Our agreement administrations like dealing with a patient at home and making masterminding of arrangement of patients with various master experts are of more prominent significance. It is developing a decent picture on the neighborhood network. By essential consideration facilities we mean professionals, for example, breast fed giving emergency treatment and fix of regular ailment like cold, fever and normal sensitivity issues. Female medical caretakers are of more prominent significant in such manner as two of our proprietors are additionally enlisted female attendants. Female medical caretakers assume a significant job in network, for example, advancing mindfulness about medical problems among female individuals from the network (Law and Scott, 2008). Additionally female individuals from neighborhood network trust more on the nurses’ that have a place with their own locale in regards to various issues. There are numerous administrations given by our center to the neighborhood networks encompassing our the two facilities like anti-conception medication pills and different prescriptions and introductory administrations that are accessible. As an essential center we likewise need Legal wellbeing accomplices helping us in offering our types of assistance adequately. Lawful wellbeing accomplices as we probably am aware offer legitimate assistance lawful medical issues identified with our patients just as managing diverse lawful issues patients would look during treatment. Moreover

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One of those big picture days

One of those “big picture” days A preview, courtesy of todays MIT homepage: It was 2:03 pm when I ripped out the carbon record of my experimental results and dashed out of the 5.310 (Experimental Chemistry) lab. Though the lab period is scheduled to end at 5 pm, today was the end of a four-day experiment and we had finished early. I had two minutes to get to Kresge auditorium, where Julie Gerberding, the director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), was scheduled to give a talk titled Health System Transformation: Getting Our Moneys Worth of Healthness.' What is healthness (not a typo)? I had no idea, but ever since elementary school I have dreamed of working in the Biosafety Level 4 facilities of the CDC, and I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to hear an infectious disease expert speak, let alone someone who is basically in charge of protecting the health of our country. President Susan Hockfield gave an introduction to the talk, citing Gerberding’s experience in medicine and public health and that she was named #12 on Forbes Magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Women” list in 2005. Gerberding was also apparently involved with setting up the Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing (a 10-year partnership between MIT and one of the biggest pharma companies in the world. ) The main problem that Gerberding and the CDC are trying to address is the fact that the U.S. is ranked #37 in the world for its health system (according to the World Health Organization.) This is appalling; we consider ourselves to be a world leader and we spend the most money on healthcare, yet our health outcomes are dismal! The current system spends an inordinate proportion of the money on people who are already sick, instead of preventing sickness from happening in the first place. Gerberding believes that protecting health is a strategic national investment, and that we’re at a tipping point where we can greatly increase the value of the healthcare system if we just invested a little more. Her vision is a “value-based health system.” She also emphasized that we need to find better measures of “healthiness” and we also need to reward good results in the healthcare arena. (If this interests you, consider taking 17.315 (Health Policy) or 17.317 (U.S. Social Policy). I’v e taken them both, they’re great!) For those of you who think that changing the healthcare system is impossible, she gave the example of Kennedy’s 1961 space challenge. Even though sending men to the moon seemed utterly unattainable to most people, including NASA scientists, the challenge was met eight years and 59 days later. Gerberding hopes that by May 30, 2016 (the same # of days from today), America will become “a healthiest nation” (again, not a typo. She emphasized that all nations need to be healthy, we shouldn’t be the only ones.) How does this apply to MIT? The end of the talk focused on “translating health discovery to health.” She emphasized that bench research (done at places like MIT) ends up becoming clinical practice. We need to use our knowledge of systems to evaluate the health outcomes of these clinical practices. Finally, we need to combat problems like obesity by examining a person’s environment. Otherwise, Gerberding warns, our children may have shorter life spans than we do (!) I saw President Hockfield slip out of the auditorium at around 3:00, and the talk ended at about 3:05. A friend and I made the decision to skip the QA session and see if we could make it over to Tom Brokaw’s talk, which was scheduled to begin at 3:30 pm in the Stata Center. Off we went to follow Hockfield! Of course, the line outside of the Stata lecture hall was very long (as opposed to Gerberding’s talk, which had plenty of seats to go around.) The MIT news page introduces the event best: “An internationally respected journalist, Brokaw served as the NBC anchor for 21 years. He was the NBC White House correspondent during the Watergate scandal, advancing to lead NBCs coverage of primaries, national conventions and election nights in 1984, 1988 and 1992. Brokaw, 68, is the author of The Greatest Generation (1998) and A Long Way from Home (2002). The Karl Taylor Compton Lecture Series was established in 1957 to honor the late Karl Taylor Compton, who served as president of MIT from 1930 to 1948 and chairman of the Corporation from 1948 to 1954. The purpose of the lectureship is to give the MIT community direct contact with the important ideas of our times and with people who have contributed much to modern thought.” I got fourth row center seats and couldn’t wait to hear his familiar voice bellow from a few feet in front of me. Again, President Hockfield introduced the distinguished guest, and then Brokaw took the stage. He is the most poised speaker I have ever seen. With a pen in his right hand, he delivered his speech in a way that nobody else could. His pauses were perfectly placed, he emphasized just the right words and captivated everyone’s attention. I have to admit that I was so caught up with thinking about his gravitas that my mind wandered and I didn’t pay all that much attention to what he was saying =) I also didn’t take notes because I wanted to focus on watching him…just like on TV but better! He began by making a joke that giving the Compton lecture was the only circumstance in which he would be admitted to MIT (according to Wikipedia, “Tom Brokaw dropped out of The University of Iowa, where he says he majored in beer and co-eds before receiving his B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion in 1962.”) He also joked about how he was afraid that he would also have to speak at Harvard (which he referred to as something along the lines of the’ lesser institution up the street’, which drew much applause) and how he has commiserated with Harvard dropouts like Bill Gates over not being accepted to the college. Anyway, he described how he grew up in South Dakota and then talked about some of his experiences as a journalist. He has met every president since Kennedy, conducted the first American TV interviews with Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, and Yevgeny Primakov, reported the collapse of the Berlin Wall, covered the September 11th attacks, and so much more. He’s been in the midst of almost every conflict that you can imagine and he told some heartbreaking and inspiration stories. Basically, he’s the kind of person that you’d die to have dinner with (incidentally, some MIT students got to have lunch with him earlier today. They said it was amazing!) The directly MIT-relevant part of his talk was about the role of information technology in our lives. He described the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet as a media outlet, and the advent of the 24-hour news cycle. He warned us that we have to be careful about where we get our information and that, as consumers, our decisions can affect what is covered (like car chases vs. world conflict.) There was more that he discussed… but I’ll leave it to Bryan to fill in the gaps =) I still can’t believe that they scheduled these lectures back-to-back. What happened to spreading the love? I should have added this to my “10 reasons why I love MIT”: the lectures! We get to hear some of the most amazing people in the world, it’s really a privilege. Incidentally, our graduation speaker will be Muhammad Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace prize. I can’t wait! P.S. Thanks for the Brokaw pict, Bryan! P.P.S. An example of Brokaw in action:

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Character Analysis The Personality of Oedipus Essay

There are many facets of personality of a minor character that authors may utilize to supply contrast to the main character of their work. Some of these contrasts are extremely noticeable and some are not. One such facet is with the use of a neutral character; to not only showcase the main character’s flaws, but so not to detract from the moral of the story. Creon, from the play â€Å"Oedipus the King† by Sophocles is used for both of these reasons. Sophocles wished to show that one cannot escape fate, yet did not want to cloud this issue with a possible coupe against his main character Oedipus. He also showed how, at times one character can act completely irrational, while one remains calm in the face of serious accusations. Creon is the†¦show more content†¦Creon in an astonishing display of â€Å"sound common sense and executive ability† (Peterkin 265), offered marriage to Iocasta, as well as the position of king, to anyone who could solve this riddle and free the country of the suffering inflicted by the Sphinx. Oedipus bested the Sphinx, and claimed the kingdom and his spouse. Although Creon could have remained in power, he proved to be a man of his word. He relinquished the dominant authority in Thebes to Oedipus and seemed to â€Å"have ac-cepted the situation with good grace† (Peterkin 265). After a long established rule as king, a plague afflicted the land. Over the years, Oedipus had â€Å"delegated much of his authority, in complete reliance on his efficiency and dependa-bility† (Peterkin 265) to Creon. In trying to relieve his subjects suffering, Oedipus sends his valued right hand man, Creon, to consult the oracle. Oedipus was hoping to receive some revelation as to why his kingdom was suffering so. Upon his return, Creon prudently wanted to speak privately with Oedipus. During this exchange, Creon is presented as a cautious, yet matter-of-fact kind of person. The King would not hear of a private conversation as he wanted everything to be in the public’s eye, so as not to hide the truth. Creon reveals, as tactfully as possible, that the Gods were angry that King Laios murder went unpunished. This is what was causing the plague to besiegeShow MoreRelatedSigmund Freud s Theory And Criticism1345 Words   |  6 Pagesis written out it may perhaps fill half a page. The analysis setting out the dream-thought underlying it may occupy six, eight or a dozen times as much space† (819). This quote is telling us, as readers, that writing our dreams are simple. It does not take a lot of time to discuss or a lot of space on the paper to write it down. When analyzing the dreams, there are so many hidden meanings, thoughts, and desires. As a result, writing an analysis on the dreams requires a lot more paper, time, andRead MoreOedipus Essay734 Words   |  3 PagesThis analysis of Oedipus’s character shows how Oedipus, the protagonist and the antagonist against himself, dealt with unfortunate situations which sealed his fate. Oedipus was a strange round character that was really interesting and mysterious. Oedipus’s life was a good example of a true Greek tragedy; he worked himself up to be a great king and ultimately in the end he died with only his perception on life. Oedipus was once a man of power who falls impoverished. He goes from having much respectRead MoreAnalysis Essay: Oedipus the King1017 Words   |  4 Pages Casual Analysis Essay: Oedipus the King Sophocles play Oedipus the King has endured for over two thousand years. The plays lasting appeal may be attributed to the fact it encompasses all the classical elements of tragedy as put forth by Aristotle in Poetics nearly a century before it was written. According to Aristotle, tragedy needs to be an imitation of life according to the law of probability or necessity. Tragedy is serious, complete, and has magnitude. It must have a beginning, middleRead MoreThe Literary Analysis Of Fosters Oedipus At Colonus782 Words   |  4 Pagesan absolute monarch. 3. Foster’s political interpretation of Sophocles’ tragedy Oedipus at Colonus revolves around the ongoing conflict between Athens and Sparta at the time of it’s creation. More specifically, the city state of Athens is represented by Oedipus as Theseus guards him from the potential evils of Creon and other such villains (these characters representing Sparta within the tragedy), and guiding Oedipus to his final resting place. This period, the end of Athenian greatness, is markedRead MoreLacan once said, in an unpublished seminar, â€Å"the Oedipus Complex is a dream of Freud† (Felman,1600 Words   |  7 Pagesan unpublished seminar, â€Å"the Oedipus Complex is a dream of Freud† (Felman, 1034). It is a questionable theory and a so-called ‘dream’ because Sigmund Freud developed the Oedipus complex in such a way that allowed him to stand as an example of his own theory. It begins with what Freud would call ‘introspection’; th e analysis of one’s self. He developed terms to use in his psychoanalysis; terms that divide the self and attempt to explain aspects of the human personality. Adding to the questionabilityRead MoreOedipus in Sophocles Oedipus Rex and Young Colonel Sartoris Snopes in William Faulkners Barn Burning: A Comparative Analysis of Characters1034 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿When attempting to compare the characters and the lots of Oedipus in Oedipus Rex and Young Colonel Sartoris Snopes in William Faulkners Barn Burning, there are a number of immediate and salient points of similarity for one to consider. One of the principle points of similarities between these two is related to their personalities both male characters are prone to fits of action which they can only fully understand (if at all) in hindsight. Another is the fact that the quandaries they find themselvesRead MoreOedipus-a Tragic Hero706 Words   |  3 PagesRunning head: Oedipus-A Tragic Hero Research Paper ENGL 102: Literature and Composition) Fall 2015 Melinda Meeds L26683811 APA Outline Thesis: In Sophocles’ â€Å"Oedipus†, Oedipus is exemplified as a tragic hero according to Aristotle’s definition because his story appeals to the reader’s humanity in the way he maintains his strengths after inadvertently causing his own downfall. I. Oedipus A. The noble birth. B. Describe Oedipus’ character. II. Tragedy A. DescribeRead MoreHeroism In Oedipus The King And The Odyssey1132 Words   |  5 PagesStobbe Dr. Dutch October 17 Heroism in Oedipus the King and The Odyssey Life is filled with a multitude of challenges and obstacles; in this case, life is often defined in relation to the ability if an individual to overcome and defeat such things. Aspects of heroism are evident in the situations and events that arise in the life of someone. This essay dives into the element of heroism that is evident is the stories: Oedipus the King and The Odyssey. Oedipus the King and The Odyssey share a multitudeRead MoreOedipus As A Tragic Hero1724 Words   |  7 PagesIn the story of Oedipus, Oedipus is considered a â€Å"Tragic Hero† because of the tragic fate and effect that he had upon his life. My definition of a tragedy is a great loss that has a unhappy ending to which concluded me to state that Oedipus falls under that category. Throughout the book, Oedipus is leading himself to his own destruction when trying to find the killer of the late King Laios. So when a journal article I found published by The John Hopkins University Press stated that a â€Å"tragic heroRead MoreAnalysis Of Oedipus The King And Antigone1170 Words   |  5 Pages In civilizations such as Athens, women were looked down upon and this battle to leave behind tradition proved to be almost if not fatal. Sophocles Oedipus the King and Antigone exemplify three distinct female Athenian characters who approach this battle with different fronts. Through anal ysis of Ismene, Antigone and Jocasta’s distinct characters, the reader better understands how Sophocles uses a feminine voice to break away from the tradition discerned in Athenian life to advocate for the rise

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Keep Struggling Students Working with These Strategies

As a teacher, there is nothing more challenging than trying to help out a struggling student. It can become quite difficult and oftentimes you are left feeling helpless, especially when everything that you have tried doesnt seem to work. Sometimes, it may seem like the easiest thing to do is to just give the student the answer and be done with it, you do have about twenty other kids to attend to after all. However, this is not the answer. All of your students need you to give them the tools to persevere. Here are the top 10 teaching strategies to help your struggling students keep on going. Teach Students Perseverance In order to succeed in anything in life, you have to work hard. Students who are struggling in school have never been taught that when the going gets tough that they have to push through it and keep on trying until they get it. Try writing down some motivating quotes and tips on how students can persevere and hang them in the classroom for everyone to see. Do Not Give Your Students the Answer Resist the urge to give your students the answer. While this may seem like the easiest thing to it, it is not the smartest. You are the teacher and it is your job to give your students the tools they need to succeed. If you just give them the answer how are you teaching them to do it on their own? The next time you want to save time and just give your struggling student the answer, remember to give them the tool to do it on their own. Give Children Time to Think The next time that you ask a student to give you an answer try waiting an extra few minutes and see what happens. Studies have shown that teachers only wait about 1.5 seconds between when they ask a student a question, and when they ask a student to answer. If only the student would have more time, would they be able to come up with an answer? Do Not Take I Dont Know for an Answer How many times have you heard the words I dont know since you started teaching? Besides giving students more time to think, also make them come up with an answer. Then have them explain how they came to get their answer. If all the children know that it is a requirement in your classroom to come up with an answer, then you will never have to hear those dreaded words again. Give Students a Cheat Sheet Often times, struggling students have a difficult time remembering what is expected of them. To help them with this, try giving them a cheat sheet. Have them write down the directions on a sticky note and place it on their desks, or make sure to always write everything down on the board for the students who constantly need a reference. Not only will this help the students, but it will also deter a lot of them from raising their hands and asking what they have to do next. Teach Time Management Many students have a hard time with time management. This is usually because managing their time seems overwhelming, or simply because they have never been taught the skill. Try helping students with their time management skills by having them write down their daily schedule and how much time they think it takes them for each item that they listed. Then, go over their schedule with them and discuss how much time should really be spent on each task. This activity will help the student understand how managing their time is essential in order for them to succeed in school. Be Encouraging Most of the time students that struggle in the classroom, struggle because they have no confidence in themselves. Be encouraging and always tell the student that you know they can do it. Your constant encouragement may be all they need to persevere. Teach Students to Move On When a child gets stuck on a problem or a question, their first reaction is usually to raise their hand and ask for help. While this is an okay thing to do, it should not be their first thing to do. Their first reaction should be to try and figure it out on their own, then their second thought should be to ask a neighbor, and their final thought should be to raise their hand and ask the teacher. The problem is, you have to teach the students to do this and make it a requirement that they follow. For example, if a student is stuck on a word when reading, have them use the word attack strategy where they look at the picture for help, try to stretch the word out or chunk it, or skip the word and come back to it. Students need to use the tool of moving on and trying to figure it out themselves before asking for help from the teacher. Promote Cognitive Thinking Encourage students to use their thinking caps. This means that when you ask them a question, they should really take the time to think about their answer. This also means that you as the teacher need to come up with some innovative questions that really make the students think. Teach Students to Slow Down Teach students to take it one task at a time. Sometimes students will find it easier to complete the task when they break it apart into smaller, simplest tasks. Once they complete the first part of the task then they can move on to the next part of the assignment, and so on. By taking it one task at a time students will find that they will struggle less.

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Dante s Daughter Free Essays

Their family is then forced to leave their home town of Florence Italy by the co instant dueling of political groups in the cities, between the white Gulfs, who opposed the p papacy influence and the black Gulfs, who supported the papacy. Dante, her father, also a white Gulf supporter, went to Rome on â€Å"business† to see Pope Boniface VIII, when the black Gulfs take over the CIA TTY, the Aligner family knew that they had to escape the city in fear that they would all be killed by ca use of Dent’s political standing and the fact that he was not present in Florence. Antonio was to fool w her brothers out of the city and their mother would meet them later, they had to run out of the city, s he saw many gruesome events of war while she was fleeing the city, she saw the true chaos that came from people during times of war. We will write a custom essay sample on Dante s Daughter or any similar topic only for you Order Now Their family had to disperse amongst their relatives and some of her b rooters even went away to become apprentices Gina went to their Uncle Francesco, while Pitter and Jackpot became ablates with the Dominicans at Santa Maria. As for Antonio she went to stay and help with her father’s sister, Deviant, and her family, Disco her uncle who was a painter, and her cousins Margarita and Foe in Siena. As for her mother, she had went to work on her mother’s farms. Antonio lived with her aunt and uncle for nearly five years. Her mother visited her as often as she could. She worked along with Disco in his shop learning to paint, and hell peed out with the housework with Deviant, Margarita and Lecturer, Disco’s sister. She had SSH eared a bed with Margarita who was only a couple of years older than her and got to know he r real well. One day Notation’s father sends a letter to her, inviting her to come along with him to P arise France since he will e studying at the university there, he already offered her brothers to come w tit but they could not. Shortly after Antonio receives the letter her father. Dante arrived so soon that Antonio had barely gotten to make up her mind, but she decided to go along with her father on this DVD endure. Through their travels Antonio gets a new understanding of her father. Antonio along with he r inattentive father travel from city to city spending their nights in either inns or with nobles, in their cash tiles. Pond their arrival to Paris, Dante immediately goes to into his studies in search h of new knowledge, while in the first couple of days Antonio is just sitting around the an. Eventually, Antonio met up with an old friend of her fathers, at a Beguine, a community of sings e women living under Nun like conditions but could work to make a living and could break free of an y vows and leave if they like. Antonio decided to stay with the women of the Beguine while her father r studied at the university. The three ladies Antonio stayed with, Claire, Mated, and Assess, worked as illumination, an art form done to liven up a page of a book or a document, Antonio helped with her prior knowledge f painting. Events quickly went downhill for the group of girls, Assess died, and later her mother Claire. As for Antonio, Dante decided that the knowledge he had sought, could d not be obtained at the University and they decided to head back to Italy. Antonio had returned to Siena to stay with her Uncle Disco’s family again, who ill Dante had left her to work with the emperor of Germany and Italy. Disco was on a new commission that had made them much wealthier, and of course everyone was much older than the y were previously. Margarita was soon to be engaged with Pitter, and Antonio had also begun t experience her share of romantic relationships, first with Seeing a loving apprentice to Disco, then Tit ere to Farina, a young man who lived in Florence, when she had moved there to live with her mother r and uncle. Yet neither one worked out, she left Siena forgetting about Seeing, and when the emperor r failed at capturing Florence, the Aligner name meant little and was hated in Florence, so Farina a didn’t want to marry her. Notation’s Family was reunited and continued to live on in a house of their owe n in Vienna. Antonio struggled with what the true meaning of her life was to be with god. S he had gotten malaria, which she was lucky enough to surpass. Imbroglio, on of her best friends fro m back in Siena had came to visit her in her State Of illness and wanted to marry her, Antonio agrees and they live happily, until Imbroglio dies of plague. Antonio then decides, knowing her fate, to join the c invent of San Stefan Dogleg Alive. The Historical fiction novel, Dana?s Daughter had gotten many things right with barely any wrongful descriptions, the author, Kimberly Houston surely did their homework. Not only did she write this novel accurately she did it in SST of the different aspects of the book. Whether it was from their lifestyle of different social classes, like what they ate, wore and how they lived, the way they traveled, the events that happened in the time period of the early fourteenth century, their beliefs, and even the fact that most of the characters actually existed in this time period. The author portrayed the lifestyles of the people in the book very realistically. The roles of women in the 1300†² in actuality was to stay home maintain the household, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children, which was the name roles the author portrayed, the mothers of different households always prepared their food and spent the day cleaning and tidying up the house. Younger girls like Antonio in the novel helped with such chores like the laundry. In the novel they did the laundry down at the river which was common in that era (McKay, John P. ). Antonio mother wore a turban when she would clean, which was also accurately explained. Clothing worn by characters was only described for the females, it was always gowns with different colors, always handmade by the mothers of the household, and silk as very dressy and expensive. In history, it was common for families to make their own clothing and women only really wore gowns, silk was of the most valuable cloth in this time frame as well (McKay, John As for the common diet of Italians in the thirteen hundreds, consisted mostly of bread, which was the most important staple of their diet and stews, made of whatever ingredients they could get. Houston wrote about what they would eat, they would always eat bread with olive oil, and Notation’s mother would always have the best soups made from the best ingredients she could mind, which would have been correct for the time period and the wealth of the Aligner family. Between the pair of Antonio and Dante, when they were traveling they had a mule and horse, which only the higher class could afford since many poor pilgrims could only travel on foot which was accurate for the time too. The Nobility that Dante and Antonio stayed with also had a very descriptive lifestyle differing from the Aligner family. The upper class lived in large palaces or castles and had feasts very often, in which they ate exotic foods, crayfish, eels in plum sauce, asparagus, cheese tarts, green beans eked in almond milk, roast venison with garlic, partridge stewed with lentils and shallots, chicken cooked with pears and brandy, tiny spring lettuces dressed with olive oil and perceive, junket, strawberry tarts, and many other dishes. The nobility also had the ability to house many subjects they sought useful for their skills. There were two major patrons of Dante, lady Cluenice, and Can Grandee. In history little is known about the true paths Dante had taken, there is no account of him staying with a lady Cluenice, but there is documentation of him staying with Can Grandee for the reason of Can Grandee’s interests in the importance and reasoning behind The Divine Comedy, that Dante was writing the evidence is found in the letter that Dante had written to Can Grandee explaining the books (Aligner, Dante). Dante Aligner was a famous poet in the time period who had written many books the three parts that make up The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Purgatorial, and Paradise, all mentioned in the book plus his writings of other books, and The Banquet, although over fifty poetic works are known from Dante. Antonio was very fascinated by the large structures of the gigantic cathedrals in Paris, mainly Notre dame. She was very intrigued, and found peace amongst its’ large mosaics held together by lead. This account was very accurate, Notre dame is famous for its’ large mosaics, and it started its construction in 1160 and finished in 1345, well within Notation’s lifetime. Kimberly Houston portrayed the lifestyles of different social groups very accurately throughout the novel. There was one common disease that multiple people contracted throughout the happening of the book, and it was malaria, a disease carried by mosquito. Antonio had contracted it, and during the time it was almost a death sentence (McKay, John P. , yet she survived through it. Antonio had experienced immense pain and was deathly ill, for a couple of weeks, then would endure eight hour long fevers and intense pain that would go away and return two days later. Antonio went through series of pains much like the actual symptoms which were, headaches, fever, lethargy, chills, abdominal pains, sickness, muscular pains, diarrhea, and coughing fits. Kimberly Houston had shown the symptoms characters were experiencing accurately as they would be in the real world. The common scientific beliefs of people in the novel were also of accurate details in the novel. Accurately for this time, people in the story believed in the Ptolemaic system. Which stated that the heavens rotated on big crystal spheres around the earth. This was the common belief until 1 543, when Copernicus published On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, which proved the earth was not at the center Of the universe (McKay, John Many of the events that took place in the book happened in real life. In the book, King Phillips armies had harried Boniface VII to death, and engineered Clement V into office, and brought the papacy into France. While written accurately, the papacy was stationed in Avignon, France in 1309, in the time frame covered in the book, and in fact it was King Philip IV that that is responsible for both moving the papacy and bringing in a tradition of having French popes. Another event including King Philip IV of France is that there is a scene from the book where the Knights Template and everyone associated with them are being arrested for the Kings’ benefit. What the book failed to mention is the reasoning behind Philip Avis’ actions and motives of this action. King Philip IV was very much in debt to the Template, whereas in the novel had explained it s the ‘Template were engaged in unnatural and illegal activities offensive to god†¦ † (Houston, Kimberley Burton), which was not true since the Template Were a strictly ran group, by the pope, to be a religious army, but King Philip did have them arrested in real history for his own benefit. The Template, described by Houston, were very large, muscular men, with the knowledge of scholars, which is an accurate description of the way the Knights Template would have been since they were knights. Antonio along with the other women of the Beguine, had done work for the Template illuminating comments, which would have been against the code of the Template to have any contact with women (Temporarily. Com). Another event that took place was the newly elected emperor Henry VII, who in the novel was convinced by Dante Aligner to march on Florence to capture it amongst his empire and to hopefully redeem the Aligner name in Florence, Italy. The holy roman emperor Henry VII of Germany historically had the support of Dante, and did wage war on Romancer since they were part of the Gulfs, both Dante and Henry VII were Gibberellins (McKay, John P). Yet another event that occurred in he book happened in Verona, Italy, it was that the palace that Can Grandee lived in was frescoed by an artist named Ghetto, nothing is known of his work in Verona, Ghost’s Personality in the book was that he was very enthusiastic and compassionate towards art, he also had a very high pitch girl laugh, Not much is known of his personality although he did work on many frescoes. In addition, the Aligner Family was forced to leave their hometown of Florence by cause of the dueling political parties, the Gibberellins and the Gulfs, which were actual groups at the time which either liked the pope’s influence on everything or despised it. Lastly, the fall of Rome to the Byzantines and barbarians who began to construct huge basilicas with large mosaics on the interior, was mentioned towards the latter part of the book, the Byzantines had actually built these large basilicas although it was really the decline of the holy roman empire that brought in these Byzantines and barbarians to influence Rome (McKay, John The options a women could take throughout their life was described in the book as, if they did not get married, they could use their dowry from their parents to join a convent and become a nun, join a Beguine, or become a requisite. This statement made in the book by Antonio is not completely true, not only could women become housewives, nuns, or prostitutes, but they could also work as servants or join a Beguine. In the book none of the younger people had known about Beguines, and even when Antonio had found out she only thought that they existed in France. Although many of the surviving Beguines exist in Belgium albeit there was one in France, and many of the ancient Beguines had existed on the outskirts of Paris, the Beguine described in the book, sounded like it was nearly in the center Of Paris, because it was within a short walking distance to important areas like shops and Dante could be there quickly to visit, plus there were buildings they went to on both sides of the Beguine. The tools and procedures used by the different artistic professions were described briefly in the novel, it had listed the linoleum, what processes they would make paints and glues for frames, and the different layers in a fresco. The linoleum was a moon shaped knife meant for preparing parchment by scraping the excess skin and hairs off of pelts. This linoleum knife was actually seed almost exclusively for illuminating because illuminating required a special type of medium to be written on (â€Å"Illumination parchment). Antonio had known the preparation steps to make this parchment from learning it from Disco he uncle, who was an artist, one would take calf skin stretch it out, scrape the excess skin and impurities from it, then split it into separate sheets until of desirable thickness, and then scrape it again with the linoleum to get rid of any shiny surfaces. This process of manufacturing parchment was common through the middle ages and into the Renaissance (Differences teens Parchment, Vellum and Paper. ). When Disco was working on the Masses;, an actual painting done in sienna by the real Disco (Disco Did Obnoxiousness, Masses; Altarpiece), him and his apprentices, would always be asking for egg whites from the girls to mix with pigments from plants, and asking for cheeses which they would use to make their glues to put together frames. Egg whites were in fact used to make the popular paint tempera during the Renaissance, and so was cheese used inn glues during this time period. The base layers of frescoes described in the novel, by Houston, was Ricoh, and intonation, these were the easiest and required the least artistic ability out of the whole Fresco process, and they were the top finishing layer and the base starting layer (â€Å"Categories Terms†. ). The author had gotten every detail right, when it came to the tools and procedures that had been used in the making of the artwork in the story. The river systems as described in the novel were the Aaron River of Florence, and the Adage River of Verona. The Main character Antonio had described the Aaron River as Very muddy and not very navigable whereas the Adage River in Verona was better navigable and as a result had more trade coming in. The Aaron River in Florence has many tributaries which makes it harder to navigate and the Adage River does not making it easier to navigate. In Conclusion, the author, Kimberly Houston, did a very good job in the development of Dent’s Daughter. She had gotten about ninety-nine percent of the detail, events and people right in the development of this book. She had made the fiction life of actual characters very accurate and convincing for the time period. She had gotten the tools and procedures for certain artistic jobs right or the time frame, the correct people doing the right events in the right year, correct descriptions of travel and the river ways, the ways certain groups acted, the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the ideology of the common people, the side effects of malaria, artistic terms, and even the existence Of certain characters and their connection in history. How to cite Dante s Daughter, Papers

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